We share the stories and experiences of the homeless

Forgotten Neighbors is an organization that's dedicated to making the homeless heard


What's the goal?

The world is home to over 150 million homeless people.
Dejected and ignored, they're one of the most unheard groups in society.
Forgotten Neighbors is changing that.
Through 1-on-1 interviews, our storytellers talk with individuals suffering from homelessness and share their stories with thousands of readers across the world.


Where can I read your stories?

Our team interviews human beings all over the world and publishes their stories on our Facebook and Instagram pages to a viewership of thousands of readers!


Who's on the team?

Kareem Abukhadra

Founder // storyteller

Kareem is a student at Columbia University. He founded Forgotten Neighbors after sleeping at homeless shelters, serving at soup kitchens, and speaking to neighbors on the streets of New York.

Kareem has published over 30 stories stories which have amassed more than 80 thousand views and fundraised thousands of dollars to support our homeless neighbors.

Keegan McNamara

creative lead // storyteller

Keegan is a student at CU Boulder. He was the first person to join Forgotten Neighbors, and did so after seeing Kareem's work and being inspired to help make the voices of the homeless heard.

Keegan built our website, published the most highly engaged story on Facebook, and leads all branding & design for Forgotten Neighbors.

Jackson Cantrell


Jackson is a Brown University graduate. He is an LA-based multimedia writer, producer, and freelance public radio reporter. In the past, he worked as a news producer at WBRU, lobbied at the RI state house in support of fair housing legislation, and reported on the Camp Fire from Chico, CA.

He is currently working on 58k, a podcast series covering the housing crisis in Los Angeles.

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